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by Jason
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February 05, 2019 05:28 PM PST

Welcome back! The J&O Podcast has returned for Season 2 and we're kicking things off with a conversation 10 years in the making! Jason and Josh are revisiting the 2009 cult film, "Heroic Man™", which they wrote produced, directed and starred in(just check IMDB)! The boys discuss how the idea for the film came about, what it's like filming on less-than-a shoestring budget, and share some of their favorite memories of making it. So pop some popcorn give this a listen, and then follow it up with demanding that your local theatre's screen this little gem.


September 05, 2018 06:31 PM PDT

Here at The J&O Podcast, we like to take time to thoughtfully dissect what's going on in the world and have an open, unbiased discussion on those, sometimes controversial, topics. We never dreamed one of those topics would hit so close to home and wear the face of someone we love. At this point, you're probably all aware of the comments Nick Beard previously made that have recently come to light. Let us be clear: we do NOT condone or support these remarks. However, we do believe the healing process should begin. We invited psychology enthusiast Gary Ellison to join us and get his thoughts on what needs to be done to accomplish that. Please log onto www.stopbullying.gov to learn more about what you can do in your community to end bullying for good.

August 02, 2018 09:08 PM PDT

If you owned a TV in early 90's, two things are true: 1) you were watching "Real Roomies" and 2) you either loved or HATED Trey Watkins! To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the show, we're catching up with the self-proclaimed "Godfather of Reality Television", as he tells some AMAZING stories involving other cast members and some of your favorite A-listers! Also, we'll find out about his current projects (like trying to trademark the G.O.R.T. title) and his own experiences with Hollywood backstabbing. If anyone is interested in contributing to Trey's GoFundMe's, stay tuned for details!

This disclaimer informs listeners of the J&O Podcast that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by Reality Television personality Trey Watkins belong solely to Trey Watkins, and not to anyone involved with the J&O Podcast.

May 30, 2018 09:11 PM PDT

Webster defines “debate” as “a contention by words or arguments”. The J&O Podcast defines it as “a fun exchange of differing opinions...until you’re ready to knock the other person’s block off!”. In this inaugural episode of “J&O Debates LIVE”, Jason squares off with our special guest debater, as chosen by the fans...the always outspoken, always outrageous Natt Norton!!! That’s right; Natt’s back and there’s no shortage of vitriol as he and Jason discuss some of the greatest cultural debates of our time. You’ll be thankful there’s more than a podium between you and these guys!

Please share your thoughts with us on social media! Twitter: @jandopodcast Instagram:jandopodcast Email: jandopodcast@gmail.com

Also please be sure to check out the J&O Boys favorite non-profit Thriveology at www.thriveology.org . Thriveology is a non-profit that provides enrichment programming for youths ages (7-18) that promote self-efficacy, develop resiliency and foster awareness of both self and others!

May 11, 2018 08:47 PM PDT

In 1984, The Karate Kid crane-kicked it’s way into the pop culture lexicon and the world would never look at waxing a car the same way again! Now, after all these years, the stories of Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence continue in the amazing YouTube Red exclusive series, Cobra Kai! In this episode, Dave, Jason, and Josh are discussing the series in full, their favorite moments, and predictions on what’s next. So put on your headband, let out a hearty “BONZAI!”, and enjoy the show!

Please share your thoughts with us on social media!
Twitter: @jandopodcast Instagram:jandopodcast
Email: jandopodcast@gmail.com

Also check out our sponsor, Hikestyle.com! Rent...Hike...Live! Use Promo Code: JandOBoys for 10% off your order!

May 04, 2018 11:05 AM PDT

Let’s face it...we’ve all done things we’re not proud of. If yours involves eating a cupcake in one bite because you thought it would impress that cute girl in your fourth grade class (and it somehow didn’t work), do we have the episode for you! This week, the J&O boys are sharing their juiciest, creamiest, right-side-cramping-est confessions of what happens when you need men’s sizes and you’ve barely hit puberty. So grab a couple combo meals, put on your roomiest pair of sweats, and dig in!

April 23, 2018 07:51 PM PDT

Summertime conjures some of the fondest memories for just about everyone: The delicious smells from a million backyard barbecues. Splashing around with friends, new and old, at the beach. First kisses under a blazing fireworks show. Two middle-aged wrestlers doing some really poor acting among some really beautiful, but also really bad, actors. If you can't relate to the last one, don't worry; The J&O Podcast has you covered! On the latest episode, we review the sunburnt cheesiness of Baywatch "Bash At The Beach", guest-starring Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage! So grab your sunscreen and your ring boots, and kick back in the sun to the whooshing sound of The J&O Podcast!

March 16, 2018 03:55 PM PDT

Here at the J&O Podcast, it's no secret that we really love to make you laugh! But we'd also like to make you think. With the seemingly neverending number of gun-related tragedies showing no signs of slowing, we thought it was an appropriate time to take a hard look at this epidemic plaguing our society. To ensure fair representation, we've invited renown conservative thinker and lifetime NRA member, Billy J. Rutledge, to engage in this open discussion of one of today's most controversial issues. Please share your thoughts with us on social media!

Twitter: @jandopodcast
Instagram: jandopodcast
Email: jandopodcast@gmail.com

Also, listen out for the first ad from our great new sponsor, Hikestyle.com! Rent...Hike...Live!
Use Promo Code: JandOBoys for 10% off your order!

March 07, 2018 03:23 PM PST

Yo Adrian! Whip up some cheesesteaks (wit and witout!) because the J&O boys are in Philly! On this week's episode, Jason & Josh discuss their visit to the Birthplace Of America, where they learned all about some of the most pivotal moments in our nation's history...for about 30 minutes. But they did take in 6+ hours of professional wrestling during WWE's Royal Rumble weekend! They're talking all about their hilarious adventures and inviting their new buddy/local, Jawn, to join in on the fun! So let out a hearty "Fly Eagles Fly" and enjoy the show!

February 28, 2018 02:25 PM PST

Edgar Allan Poe once said "Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see"....sorry Eddie, but then we wouldn't have this week's rip-roaringly hilarious episode of The J&O Podcast! The boys are talking about the craziest, sexiest, most scandalous rumors they've ever heard; some even about themselves! So draw the curtains, lock your doors, and listen in to some juicy gossip!

If you would like to contribute any wild rumors of your own, give us a shout on Twitter (@jandopodcast) or email (jandopodcast@gmail.com), and the boys may read yours during a future episode!

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